Aircraft Management 

There are many privileges that go with owning a personal aircraft. Being able to have freedom of traveling wherever and whenever you’d like is one of the advantages. You will feel confident that you are getting the most out of your aircraft investment when Airbrock manages it for you. 

Management Services Include:

Maintenance Tracking & Review:

- Ensure best pricing for maintenance services, increase aircraft's potential resale value, log of maintenance notes, and more. 

Crew Staffing:

- Select the most profound pilots to operate aircraft, train staff on Airbrock customer service protocol, Airbrock will manage human resource responsibilities such as payroll, taxes, management, and more. 


- Manage training of crew which includes but is not limited to thorough briefing of FAA regulations and expectations, aircraft safety procedures, coordinating FBO and hanger partnerships and more.

FAA Compliance:

- Ensure aircraft meets all FAA regulations. 


- Equip aircraft with necessary handbooks.

Aircraft Cleanliness:

- Preserve aircraft cleanliness at all times with white glove procedures.